ThinkPad Air

 Yves Luther schreibt grade über das Lenovo X300, extrem dünn, extrem teuer.


Walt Mossberg in der Preview:

„But, unlike the Apple, Lenovo’s new skinny ThinkPad comes with a hefty complement of ports and features, some of the very things critics complained Apple left out. It has a built-in DVD drive, removable battery, three USB ports, and a wired Ethernet networking jack. Inside, in addition to Wi-Fi, it can be ordered with a built-in cellphone modem and even GPS. It comes with either Windows Vista or Windows XP.“

Also eingebautes GPS find ich schon nice. Allerdings würden mich die die 64 GB SSD und der Preis (2.500,- und 2.800,- US$) stark vom einem Kauf abhalten.


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